2024 Hajj Season: Indonesia Will Send 241,000 Pilgrims

2024 Hajj Season: Indonesia Will Send 241,000 Pilgrims

Hey there, 2024 Hajj Season! Today, we’re going on a special journey to learn about something amazing happening in Indonesia. Did you know that a lot of people from Indonesia are going on a very important trip called the Hajj? Let’s find out more about this record-breaking adventure!

1. 2024 Hajj Season : A Huge Number of Pilgrims:

Getting Ready for Hajj Season a Big Trip Imagine a big group of people, all dressed in special clothes, getting ready for an incredible journey. Well, in Indonesia, a country with lots of friends who follow a religion called Islam, a whopping 241,000 people are getting ready for a trip to a very special place called Mecca.

2024 Hajj Season: Indonesia Will Send 241,000 Pilgrims

2. 2024 Hajj Season : The Signing Ceremony:

Sealing the Deal for a Magical Journey Guess what? There was a special ceremony where important people from Indonesia and Saudi Arabia signed some papers. It’s like when you sign a card to make a promise! This ceremony happened in Jeddah, and it was super important because it decided how many friends from Indonesia could go on the trip.

3. 2024 Hajj SeasonThe Largest Quota Ever!

Breaking Records with 241,000 Friends The person in charge, Minister Yaqut, shared some exciting news. He said that 241,000 friends from Indonesia are going on this amazing trip! This is the largest number ever in the history of Indonesia’s hajj journeys. It’s like a super special event that everyone is talking about.

4. Changes and Improvements:

Making the Journey Even Better Not only are there more friends going on the trip, but the Saudi Arabian government also agreed to make some things even better. Minister Yaqut asked for some improvements, and guess what? They said yes! For example, friends can now stay in tents closer to a special place called Jamarat. It’s like having a better spot for camping!

5. Choosing the Best Services:

Picking the Right Helpers for the Trip During the trip, friends need some helpers, right? Saudi Arabia said that Indonesia can choose its own helpers during the most important part of the journey. It’s like getting to pick your favorite superheroes to guide you – how cool is that?

6. Promises for a Great Journey:

Saudi Arabia’s Commitment to Friends from Indonesia The person in charge of helping friends during the journey, Minister Umrah Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, promised to do their very best. They want to make sure that everyone from Indonesia has a fantastic time during the trip. It’s like having a friend who promises to make your birthday party the best ever!


So, there you have it, little friends – Indonesia is making history with the biggest number of friends going on a special journey called the Hajj. It’s like a magical adventure where everyone gets dressed in special clothes and visits Mecca. The Saudi Arabian government is making sure it’s the best trip ever. We hope all the friends have an amazing time and create wonderful memories on this once-in-a-lifetime journey! Safe travels, friends!